Knox. County 4th Grader Bullied Over her Clothes


At Chilhowee Intermediate School – fourth graders are expected to play with their friends when they go to gym class…not go home in tears.

With less than three days left of school until summer break, students are feeling the heat by wearing shorts to school…something that has caused a lot of hurt feelings for 10-year-old Alexys.

She says that a fifth grade boy commented on her shorts, “He just came up to me and was like youre ugly wearing that stuff its stupid and I don’t know why…but like ive worn those clothes around him so many times and now he has a problem with it.”

After that comment was made by an older student a teacher got involved by sending her to the office and having the student call her mom, Stacy and ask for a change of clothes.

Stacy arrived at the school just after that phone call, “I asked her why she needed new clothes and she said that they told her that her pants were too short—she had the shorts on that are long, past her finger tips but they are too tight and she needed a shirt to cover her rear.”

After taking a look at the knox county school dress code it states that the administration strives for consistency…Stacy hasn’t been seeing that.

She says that this hasn’t been a problem before. “She has worn pants like that plenty of time and has all different kind of shorts like that and it didn’t seem to be a problem until this little boy started bullying her over it.”

Stacy just wants her daughter to feel confident again.

Alexys says, “It’s a little weird and awkward and embarrassing and this is going to be an everyday thng.”

Stacy doesn’t want anything more than for her daughter to be okay, “I would like for her to be able to come back to school and not feel embarassed about what shes going to wear now.”

We reached out to Knox. County schools and they responded by saying they weren’t aware this incident had occurred.


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