Roaring Fork Baptist Church Rebuilds After Gatlinburg Wildfires

Written by: Emily Gibbons


Almost six months after the wildfires and Gatlinburg continues to rebuild.
This is a place that lost so much, Pastor Kim McCroskey explains.
“For a lot of these people that’s went here since 1948 it was almost like losing a family member.”

Burnt remains from those wildfires are still there…but the fires didn’t stop the spirit of roaring fork to grow stronger.

“He allowed the devil to do all this, so were going to have something bigger and nicer and more Christ-honoring than we’ve had before. This should be something this community can be proud of.”, McCroskey says.

The rebuilding process can be lengthy…but extra hands are making the difference for roaring fork.

Just a couple of days ago the walls weren’t even built…that’s when missionaries known as builders for Christ came from all over the country to lend a helping hand.

These missionaries offer free labor to churches in need…making sure they build the churches bigger than before, explains a volunteer.

“Having an empty seat means you can bring in somebody to fill that empty seat. You don’t have a seat for them its hard to bring them to church. So that’s one of the reasons we always try to improve their situation in size.”

Builders for Christ will complete 90 percent of the work needed…leaving the church to finish the rest.

“We could not have rebuilt both of our buildings without builders for Christ, they are a godsent,” says McCroskey.

And if anything else-the people of Roaring Fork rely on knowing that God is going to provide.

Roaring Fork Baptist Church is hoping to be reopened by the end of this year.


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