South Knoxville Rebirth; New Restaurants, Retail, and Apartments Coming Soon


There are some new things coming to the south side of the Tennessee river, but the rebirth of South Knoxville is happening right now.

Honey bee coffee is part of this rebirth.

“Business has been great, the first month we had a line outside the door everyday and we had a little break for lunch. Then people were right back to the door.”

This is a business that knows the importance of community.

“I don’t want our business or any other business to be something the community doesn’t feel a part of,” explains Mikey Hanson

SoKno Taco is another south Knoxville restaurant that carries the same values, Ryan Steffy the manager of SoKno Taco explains.
“With a new restaurant everybody is contributing to the success of that place, all the feedback were getting from the customers are improvements were implementing to make it a better place for the community so South Knoxville is very much a part of how this restaurant has grown.”

And its not just people from Knoxville who have been enjoying the food.
“I have people who come from Oak Ridge, Lenoir city, just because they’ve heard about us. People come from all over, ” says Steffy.

The people who visit this area are about to have more resources than ever before.

The current construction along the river when completed will consist of 300 multifamily units, a student housing component, two professional buildings, a retail/restaurant component and a hotel, as well as the regal entertainment headquarters.

Steffy says, “Knoxville is getting a well deserved face-lift for the waterfront and more businesses are coming over here and were just excited about it.”

Honey Bee Coffee and SoKno Taco have opened up since the beginning of this year, getting a jump start on what’s to be built in the future.

The riverfront features are aiming to be done by 2019.


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