Missing Horse Found In Cherokee National Forrest


It had been four days since Katie Webb had been thrown to the ground and watched as Susie ran away.

“Oh I’ve just been so upset devastation is just not the word for it because you feel so guilty like it’s your fault,” Webb explains.

Susie is a 5 year-old Tennessee walking horse who went missing last Saturday during a trail-ride in the Cherokee National Forrest.

Webb says she was spooked and then took off running.

The search for Susie involved even strangers offering to look for her.

“People on Facebook people I don’t even know are sending me messages even this morning day before yesterday ya know telling me they’re taking their horses up there just to trail ride ya know… one woman even took off work today to take three horses up there.”

A Happy Ending

Susie was found safe and unharmed this morning by family friend Bobbie Cornett. It was her reins that helped contain her.
“She was in real thick brush and she was tangled up and we don’t know how long she was tangled up but she’s alright she just has a little mark on her head right there and one on her girth but other than that she’s perfect.”

Susie was gone for a couple of days but for Katie that’s the extent of her leave.

“For so long she’s just been irreplaceable and I plan on keeping her and you know you don’t find too many in your life that you want to keep until they die and Susie won’t be leaving here anytime soon,” Webb says.


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