Three People Found Dead Inside Oak Ridge Home



Today a family was found dead in their home on Oak Lane in Oak Ridge.

For neighbors this came highly unexpected.

One neighbor explained it was highly unusual to see this.
“Shocking I mean this usually never happens in this neighborhood it’s pretty quiet, everybody looks out for each other and people speed but you never see anything like this.“

At 8:03 A.M. Officers were called to check on the family. When they arrived, they found the family in the home with gunshot wounds.

The family has been identified as Michael and Tessa Deuschle and Tessa’s special needs daughter Chelsea Kessel.

Oak ridge police chief James Akagi is saying this is an isolated incident.

“We do not believe that there are any more suspects out there, we don’t believe there are any more victims. We do believe the two females were shot at close range first and the man turned the gun on himself.”

The tight-knit community that surrounds this home is still searching for answers.

Another neighbor explain this feeling, “You don’t know what goes on in people’s lives and what challenges they face and it’s just like I don’t know…it has to be a desperate situation for somebody to take their own life and take their families lives.”

This is still an ongoing investigation.

Police left the scene around 4 P.M. and since then have been conducting autopsies to figure out the details of this incident.


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