Fountain City Residents Concerned About Smoke From Funeral Home


The Gentry-Griffy funeral chapel has been located in Fountain City for over 60 years now…5 years ago they added an on site crematory which has caused some concerns for neighbors.

Today Penny Berridge shared her concern with us.

“I’m opposed to it because it’s a health hazard, a visual hazard, there is no reason for it there is not another one anywhere inside of a community.”

She is talking about how it is located next to residential areas…but John Ricci seems to have no problem with it.
“I mean its an issue that shouldn’t be an issue and I don’t see why it shouldn’t bother anybody.”

The smoke that comes out is a regular part of the crematory process which Knox County Air Quality Management said the crematory has all the right permits to burn, with no harmful effects from the smoke.
“It goes into the air and it doesn’t bother anybody I’ve never smelled anything I’ve never even seen smoke from the building,” Ricci said.

Last week concerns were raised when a video was posted online showing black smoke coming from the crematory.

The funeral chapel released a statement on Facebook saying there was a “ unique situation that caused a brief intermission of smoke.” and “ self-reported themselves to Knox County Air Quality.”

The crematory is up-to-date on inspections. The last one was on June 20th where a previous inspection showed a temperature recording chart needed repaired and it was then fixed.


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