Knoxville Apartment Named “Opioid Den” Shut Down by Officials

Written by Emily Gibbons.

Nearby neighbor Nancy Miles knew something was going on at an apartment on her street.
“I’ve been suspicious of that apartment for quite a time now.”

That same apartment, located off of Dayton street in Knoxville, was closed by order of a judge under the state’s nuisance law.

The nuisance at this residence was multiple 9-1-1 overdose calls over the last five months.

Assistant District Attorney Sean McDermott explains the severity of the case.
“Basically this apartment was a modern day opioid den, a basis for people using and selling narcotics…resulting in multiple overdose and one death.”

Father & daughter, Gary and Cassandra Canupp lived in the apartment and were arrested on drug related charges.

On one of those overdoes calls a victim died, he was using a mixture of fentanyl and cocaine. The district attorney general’s office told us that it was Cassandra who gave him the drugs.

Nearby residents also had their own suspicions on what was going on in the apartment.

“I would see people coming and going and staying a very short time or going up to his car and leaving they weren’t your typical friends lets have a cup of coffee type,” Miles said.

This residence is the 49th closure by the district attorney’s office and Knoxville police department, in an effort to make neighborhoods safer.

“We had to step in before there was another overdoes at this location,” explained McDermott.


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