Newport Teen Attacked While Riding His Bike


“It’s devastating and scary because you never heard of anything like that happening here before.”

Dalton and his mom Rachel have called this area of Newport home for the last 15 years…when an incident like this changed their idea of being safe.

“He’s never allowed to ride his bike out here at all,” Rachel says.

Dalton says its only a 5 minute bike ride from his house to his friend’s house and only 100 yards away a man jumped out of the woods and tried to grab him off his bike and then chased him down the street.

“So I was pedaling just fast enough to get a coast going down the hill and just out of the corner of my eye saw someone leap at me from the woods,” Explains Dalton.

Rachel still has some questions, “Absolutely shocked liked my son said you would never think that would ever happen especially living her in this small town everyone knowing everyone the next question would be who?”

The ‘who’ in question is still unknown.

Dalton said it was around dusk when this happened and he didn’t see the face.
“I really just prayed to god and just pedaled on.”

The Cocke County Sherrifs’ Office says they are looking into the incident.


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